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GreenTree Patent Drafting

  • 9/02
    Since we've had a few inquiries about electronic filing support, we now provide TIF image files in the format required by the USPTO.
  • 1/02
    With our ever-expanding workload we have added several drafters to our team of illustrators. In the order of their joining us, we welcome Sally Turner, Tildon Turner and Jason Maness.
  • 1/99
    Well, our clients are happy and as 1999 begins, our workload has reached the point where we need another drafter. We have welcomed Terry Keaton to our team of illustrators. His artistic and technical background along with his Computer Aided Drafting skills which he has been honing since 1984, make him a welcome teammate.
  • 8/98
    Expanding again, we welcome Lillian Meyers to our team of drafting associates. She helped us out for a few months a couple years ago and is back again with twice the CAD station she had before.

    At last! We're ready for email delivery of final drawings. The emailable files are Acrobat PDF files that you can print on your laser printer. Try one from the Samples page.
  • 7/98
    We've upgraded from 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) laser printing to 1200 dpi. This means that the tiny offsets or 'jaggies' that could sometimes be seen on some curves and angles are gone. Over the years and thousands of drawings we've never had a complaint about jaggies, but we wanted them gone and now they are. See if you can tell the difference.
  • 4/98
    Our team is expanding. We welcome Rachel Turner and Casey Turner to our staff. In the few weeks since they began with us, they have been cranking out the drawings. They know how to keep our new Pentium II/266 working. They have been drafting with AutoCAD for several years and are well suited to the variety of challenges presented them by patent illustration.

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