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(quoted with permission)

Kenneth H. Johnson & Associates, Attorneys at Law
Houston, Texas

"I am very pleased to be able to recommend you and your drafting services to my patent bar brethren.
The distance between our businesses has not been a problem in my use of your services.
The turnaround time is good, the pricing is competitive and the quality of work is very good."

David H. T. Wayment, Attorney at Law
Sandy, Utah

"Wayne's work is always prompt, always of high quality, and always at a fair price. Most importantly, the Patent and Trademark Office seems to like it ... I recommend Wayne Turner to you without hesitation."

Joy A. Holland, Mobil Corporation
Fairfax, Virginia

"It is always a pleasure to deal with your company. The quality of your work, timeliness and friendly personnel are always appreciated by Mobil."

Dr. Irving Anders, JILBE Enterprises
Scarsdale, Connecticut

"It is unfortunately rare these days to find a technical design drafting company diligent and smart enough to understand the nuances of a concept immediately, to embody those concepts in superior design drawings with exceptionally little turn-around time, to be infinitely accessible and responsive to corrections and consultations, and to do it all at a price that would have been reasonable 15 years ago. I feel fortunate that my company's intellectual property is in the hands of GreenTree."

Ourmazd S. Ojan, Paul and Paul
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Excellent. Thanks."

Connie Michaelson, Cephalon, Inc.
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Thanks for the laser fast response when we needed modifications to the micrographs."

Petter K. Kontler, Patent Attorney
Naples, Florida


Leroy H. Neese, Inventor
Elon College, North Carolina

"Very good work."

Katherine Wheeler, Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"As a first time customer I was pleased with the quick response and turn-around. I found corresponding by email incredibly convenient. The images returned were excellent. Thank you so much for all your help."

Michael A. Metzger, Aerospace Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer
Silver Spring, Maryland

"I have been completely pleased with my experience working with GreenTree Patent Drafting. Your pricing was very reasonable and easily met my budget needs. Your availability was nothing short of phenomenal - quite amazing in this age of voicemail and 'phone tag'. Your online[email] review options via PDF format were ultra convenient. All in all, I enjoyed working with you and will keep you in mind for any future work. I won't hesitate to recommend GreenTree Patent Drafting to anyone!"

Steve Smirti, Rivkin Radler LLP
Uniondale, New York

"Turn-around time was very punctual. Product was perfect."

Evelyn Baca, Sandia National Laboratories
Livermore, California

"I give your firm a triple A-Plus for the work you do for us. I know I can count on you at all times. That's a big refief to us. Thank you so much."

Dorothy Williams, Simmons & Derrington LLP
Houston, Texas

"As always, you do excellent work."