Most of our clients have been with us a long time. Some of them have special ways that they like to work with us. That's no problem. If you have special needs we will accomodate you, also. The following steps will give you a typical procedure for procuring the drawings you need.

Step 1. You provide the material necessary to create the drawings.

  • By fax, email, mail or parcel service you will provide sketches, graphic files, photos or prototypes of the material to be drawn.

    Step 2. If you request a quote we will provide one prior to beginning work.

  • Most of our clients don't request quotes. They have come to rely on our fair pricing. But quotes are no problem and you should ask for them if you want them.

    Step 3. Your sheets are prepared.

  • If photographs are required, they are prepared and mounted.

    Step 4. A fax or PDF file of your case drawings is sent to you for review.

    Step 5. Any changes and corrections are made.

    Step 6. Final drawings are prepared.

  • Unless you otherwise specify, we prepare one set of drawings for your submission and one set for your files. If color photographs are involved then three sets are prepared for submission.

    Step 7. Your drawings and our invoice are sent to you.

  • Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx are used unless otherwise specified.
  • We can email final drawings in Acrobat PDF format that you can print. You will need email and the proper laser printing facilities. In recent years this has become the primary mode of delivery. And now we can also provide you TIF image files for electronic filing. Never-the-less, good ol' hardcopies are just as readily shipped. So you can have whatever you like!

  • Terms are net 30 days, unless other arrangements are made.
  • We also accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.